Ageism- The never-ending issue in Singapore

We all know what massive problem ageism is. It affects every sector. The most impacted sector is the business sector. If discrimination based on age occurs in the workplace, it will lead to the destruction of the company. Singapore is one of the fastest populating countries currently. Thus, many companies prefer newbies for their work rather than experienced individuals. Here we are with the list of effects of ageism in singapore.

  • Lack of experience

This is one of the most problematic effects out of all the effects. It dramatically impacts the productivity of the company as a whole. It is vital to have experienced employees along with the instantaneous younger generation. Lack of patience is observed in the new generation, absent in many of the experienced individuals. Hiring newbies can prove to be fruitful now, but in tough times the experience of the sustaining employee will glow up. A company should know the exact balance between the old and the new employees. A company full of experienced individuals won’t work and vice versa. Newbies can increase productivity, while experienced employees can provide insights on the projects.


These effects are bound to happen if ageism increases drastically in the companies. The only practical solution is to increase the retirement age, so that more experienced individuals come forward as a support system to the company. Sidelining the older generation is entirely wrong, and doing so can lead to dire consequences.